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   GEO COMM  ......  offering Commercial, Residential, & Home Staging Design services

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 @ GEO COMM Our Business is to Create ... memorable spaces for Luxury & Comfort

Delivering resourceful solutions for our clients 

We put the best team together

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   Mera Lord   

President - Mera Lord
More than 20 years experience in Business Management & Design

Design is part of our daily life... a place of joy, excitement, and comfort. 
We bring Creativity & Innovations to any design project.

interior design and home stagingThere is no such thing as small or big in design! We have a team for every project.



interior and home stage designer  
Director - Roya Cimmino 
Roya Cimmino is a skilled architect, graduated with art and architectural degree's from the University of Tennessee.

As an architect and artist, she believes that architecture is capable of enriching our daily life's by creating unique and tailored environment specifically for individual client. As far as design style, she believes that stressing on one particular era or style is not necessary.

Roya believes that the most important part in each project is a creative and thoughtfull response to the client's goals and needs. 

Home stage Georgia Lisa Kelley  
Home Staging Director - Lisa Kelley 
Lisa Graduated from the Brenau University with BFA in Interior Design.

She has a passion for organization and functional design. She belives in creating an space for optimal living in designing a place of comfort as well as visual pleasing elements.

Before you show a home to any potential buyer, you want to make sure the staging is perfect.

Small touches can liven up your listings without breaking the bank,

We offer inexpensive staging ideas to spruce up your listings and how to bring new life to your online presentation, where buyers see you at first, even before they step in the house.

nina hirmanpour  

Creative Design - Nina Hirmanpour
She is great designer with new ideas and concepts, coordinating design elements in the environment with elegance and simplicity.

She is highly creative, innovative, and has many design awards for today’s living style. She is always a couple of steps ahead of the crowd, create and execute design solutions for problems of form and usability.


You can see her original work of art in Ceramic, Paintings, and graphic design.




We believe that surrounding environment greatly affects human emotions, behavior, and overall well-being. It is our responsibility to work together with our clients on creating environments that enhance human experience.

To make people happier we use our combined expertise on how design affects human brain as well as our knowledge on colors, comfort, and offering an overall a pleasant experience. If we spend half of our lives in our businesses and offices, why not make them healthy and enjoyable spaces to be in? Finding a message that the design will or should bring to the public.

Our Philosophy is simple…
... it is to Deliver the Best


Design Process goes through following Stages:

a complete "turn key" service from start to finish.

  • Commercial Design - Service markets, Retail stores, Coffee shops, Restaurants, Boutiques, city centre attractions, downtown hotels, Resort, Spa
  • Residential Expertise - Interior design, Home staging
  • Market classification, - Looking closely at the site’s economic and cultural aspects.
  • Art Impressions - Best art collections, Original arts
  • Innovative - Bringing personality to each project
  • Inspiring - Use of modern technology and universal knowledge to create environmentally friendly and comfortable design.

residential and commercial design


 Residential & Home Staging


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   GEO COMM  ......  offering Commercial, Residential, & Home Staging Design services

   The CompanyResidential  -  Home Staging  -  Design  -  Planning  -   Services   -   Partners   -   Contact

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